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Experiential Marketing

Our aim is to create a forever bond between the consumer and the brand by bringing to them a fun, unique and memorable experience.  When a brand transmits genuine emotions it captures the minds and hearts of the consumers and that is precisely what we do best, we engage them with strategic-revolutionary approaches.

Grass Root Events

Our events are amazing! We target the right audience to cause the magic of word of mouth approach, the experience to the audience is phenomenal and it’s an amazing feeling is what we do best!

Digital Marketing

The digital world is moving forward and we believe our clients should too.  As technology revolutionizes our modern world, we stay on top of it to revolutionize your business with tools like responsive, SEO, social media campaigns, websites, mobile-user friendly apps with top-notch design from our experienced UI designers.

Media Planning

There are so many outlets out there and the cool thing about QIM is that we know all the media outlets, we have a wide-vast array experience with the local and national media outlets, we’ll analyze your options and make sure your reaching the right crowd, at the right price.

QIM offers 50+ years in collective experience. As a marketing agency we keep up with the new technologies, techniques, trends and strategies in the market.

Creativity and innovation is something we offer but trust and loyalty encompasses our services. QIM assures transparency and confidence.

We keep the momentum going, your campaigns will stay connected to the trends while providing results plus we’ll track and measure the results with the right budget.

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Consumers Reached

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted companies on the market. Read more below why our customers love us.

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

October 24, 2017

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